King Theramold of Nemedia

Middle aged, tired




King Theramold of Nemedia. His seat of power is Belverus, He rules from the Southeastern Karpashian Mountains, to the Northern Varakiel Marshes, past the western Border Range Mountains into Aquilonia. His claim is into the Pictish WIlderness, but the Pict’s are not a people to be ruled, and pay no taxes to him, he sends no one there to collect, as they would not return with their scalps. The Gunderland adds to his Northern borders, and Poitainian Mountains add to his southern.
‚Äč-His homeland is Nemedia
-It is said that “He who holds Aquilonia, Holds the World” As even though it is not the largest kingdom in Hyperborea, it is the wealthiest.
-His Heir is Prince Trevold.

King Theramold of Nemedia

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